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Client: McGraw Hill International Details: Corporate publication and event design and digital marketing campaigns

Detail of foil blocking on an invitation Personalised invitation for a cocktail reception in Berlin Detail of an invitation with a detachable plastic card Publication design for system user guides for Platts and Thomson Reuters Publication design detail Publication design spread
services used
Corporate publications
Digital marketing
Digital + print invitations
quick fact
We created Platts marketing materials for European and African markets


We created a new visual language for Platts. They required a premium feel for materials marketing their services to European and African clients. Platts is an international energy information company, supplying data products with targeted and detailed information for different energy sectors

  • We created publications for different energy sectors
  • We created e-DM’s for different energy sectors
  • We designed and produced digital and printed invitations for exclusive events, including celebrations for their 100th annniversary.

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